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1. Waves Nx Virtual Mix Room
2. PuigChild SoundGrid
3. Renaissance Channel SoundGrid
4. Waves IR1 Convolution Reverb Native Bundle
5. Waves REDD SoundGrid Plugin
6. Waves CLA Vocals SoundGrid Plugin
7. Waves CLA Signature Series SoundGrid Bundle
8. Waves Kramer Tape Tubes and Transistors SoundGrid Bundle
9. LoAir SoundGrid
10. H-Delay SoundGrid

Welcome to Sonic Soft

At Sonic Soft our goal is to provide the best direct-download audio plugin solution for UK musicians and producers looking for high-quality audio processing and plug-in software from Waves, Plugin Alliance, and more. Whatever the plugin, be it Waves Gold Bundle, SPL TwinTube or Waves SoundGrid bundles, we are dedicated to offering you the best international price on leading audio software. The best part is they're all available via instant download, allowing you to spend your time making music, not waiting for delivery!
Featured Software

Waves Mercury SoundGrid Bundle
Waves Mercury SoundGrid Bundle
Wave Manny Marroquin Signature Bundle
Wave Manny Marroquin Signature Bundle
Waves Codex Wavetable Synth
Waves Codex Wavetable Synth
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1. Electric 200 Piano
2. Abbey Road Vinyl
3. Tune Real-Time
4. Sub Align
5. Scheps Parallel Particles
6. MV2
7. Infected Mushroom Pusher
8. Essentials
9. eMotion LV1 Mixer 64CH
10. eMotion LV1 Mixer 32CH